Sunday, May 30, 2010

Riding some sets in!

Well, it's been about three months of building out at the trails in Albany and yesterday Keaton and I rode a couple of the sets in. Now it's time to re-work a couple of things but I believe that they are coming together. Really trying to lift the curse that place has had on it for the last couple years and get all the sets running. Noah and Keaton are about to leave on their big summer adventure to Woodward West. I'm happy for them and at the same time bummed a little because they seem to be the only other people from this area that are really trying hard to get the trails up and running. So... This is a cry for help, to all the riders in Corvallis and Albany to come out to the trails, help a little and ride with me. Most of the hard work is done, and you all know that when it's 90 degrees outside, the last thing you are going to want to do is strive at the blazing hot skate park while you could be chillin at the trails, close to the river, drinking beer and BBQ-ing. Here are a couple photos I took yesterday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

stole this from the solid site.

This pretty much sums up how I've been feeling.

Nunya Bizness

Posted by Kevin on May 18, 2010

This is the Captain speaking. When it comes to trails these days, they are few and far between. Why build something yourself when the city will build a skatepark for you? Most kids are too lazy to wax a ledge or find a pool or clean out a new spot, let alone devote hours, weeks, months, years to build a good set of trails. A lot goes into finding the spot, planning, acquiring tools, finding water, keeping outsiders out, maintenance, not to mention building the actual jumps, turns, etc. The hardest part is to find people that will actually devote their time. Sure a lot of people act down, but as time goes by the excuses just keep rolling in and the same faces are left contemplating the reasons why. Well now with the trails becoming rideable and sufficient enough to keep us entertained for hours and hours, my fellow builders and I (Dirt Ryan, Junior T, Triston, and me, Kevin aka Cap, as well as a few others) no longer feel its necessary to try to take on new members to help us dig and therefore be part of the committee. You basically missed your chance. If you are allowed out there you know who you are but you also know the rules. For all of those who still wish to try to ride on the coat tails of other trail builders, here are some things to keep in mind:

-Don’t ask us, we’ll ask you.

-Try finding your own spot and building your own trails. We will respect you then and if they are good enough then you can come ride our spot and we’ll ride yours. Thats how it works.

-Don’t download any apps to try to figure out where the trails are.

-Footjams or any variation thereof are automatically shunned. Doing tricks to flat, barspins, whips, and flips are generally not good things at the trails either, unless you are making them damn pretty.

-If you ever are invited to the trails, digging first is mandatory. No dig, no ride. Further points can be gained by bringing us tools, beer, or weed. Never bring a friend out unless approved by the committee.

-Don’t try to slack on digging cuz we’ll notice. Don’t stand around texting the whole fucking time or updating twitter you bitch.

-When you’re riding the trails, if you case something or leave a rut, divot, or mark, you better make damn sure you fix it. Also, don’t launch your bike into the next jump like a fuckin idiot. And leave the trails in better condition than they were when you got there.

-That also means keep the trails clean you dirty pigs. Pick up your god damn trash.

-Don’t bring out cameras of any kind without approval of committee members.

-Don’t flap your gums. Loose lips sink ships.

Ok now just for fun, here’s a little trail quiz:

What are things you would bring out to the trails with you on any given day?

If you answered shovels, tools, water, trash bags, a good attitude, beer, and weed, then great job I’m probably preaching to the choir.

However, if you answered cell phone intended for excessive use, bright colored clothing, video camera, a kook friend of yours, or a shitty disposition on life, then please stay at the skatepark.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick addition

Keaton and myself (Noah) went and worked on the front section of the trails last week. I added bricks to continue outlining the top so we could start carving it into a bowl pocket. While keaton cut in and shaped the new line to the landing of the step up. It is coming along nicely!

Tripod in Eugene

Cody Miller Michael schofield and myself took a quick trip to Eugene to rep the new Tripod Oregon shirts and to ride something new. We stopped at some small skatepark called emerald. which was pretty fun concidering it was really small. Then headed over to the Springfield skatepark met up with codys friend Mike and rode everything in sight. Afterwords we decided to go get some food and ride some pretty fun little loading dock bank things where Michael and myself played around with friend jam variations just messin around having fun. demonstrating good teamwork haha! Mike was rippin some sweet up bank to 180 wallride down things which were way cool! and we found a little hip thing with a rail and cody iced the under-bar. We called up Andy BOOGDAWG and headed over to his house and met up with some dudes. We were chillin drinking havin fun and decided to play a game of bike in the driveway. Which was probably the most epic game of bike ever! check back for the edited video of the game. In the mean, here are some pictures from the trip.